Перевести и ответить на вопросы

Задание №1. (2 часа)

Перевести текст на русский язык.


My Family.

I am Peter. My first name is Peter. My surname is Brown. I am a first- year student. Study at a College. I am fifteen.

Let me introduce you to my family. First comes Father, of course, as head family. He is a tall and strong man of forty-four. He comes from Yorkshire. Mother is forty. Shi is a teacher. She teacher music at a secondary school and know many songs. My little sister Ann, whose pet name is Judy, is a pretty girl of ten with light hair and blue eyes. She is a schoolgirl. She does well at her studies and is one of the best pupils. My elder brother Ted, whose Christian name is Edward, studies at the University. He does physics[1] and he will be a teacher of physics. My brother Kenneth is a second- year student of the Polytechnic. He wants to be an engineer like Father. He likes music and plays the piano a little.

My grandmother live in small town not far away. They are both pensioners and they often come and stay with us. We always look forward to their visit and very sorry when they go away.



Задание №2.(2 часа)

Ответить на вопросы (по тексту).


1.What is your name (surname)? 2. Where do you study? 3. Have you (got) a sister (brother)? 4. What is her (his) name? 5. What is your father’s name? 6. Is your family large? 7. How old is your sister? 8. Has Peter Brown a sister? 9. What is his younger sister’s name? 10. What is her pet name? 11. What is Peter Brown’s father (mother)? 12. How old is he (she)? 13. What does Peter’s brother Ted do at the University?


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