Помогите пожалуйста сделать английский. Очень срочно! Пожалуйста. Нужно раскрыть скобки и поставить в правильной форме.

14, When I (to come) to see him the next day, I (to be told)) that he (to die)
in his sleep. I (to be given) a letter which he (to write) to me in the
15. What (to be) the (late) news?
16. Can this man (to rely) upon? — I (to know) him for ten years already,
always (to be) a good friend for me.
17. A second talk on how to use this new machine (to give) tomorrow at the same
time by the inventor.
18. The news that he (to leave) the town was a surprise to all of us. I never
expected him (to be able) (to start) a new life.
19. Stop smoking! The room (to be) full of smoke which (to come) from your
pipe, Usually we (not to smoke) here.
20. If you (to leave) just now, you (can) (to catch) the train. — I’d like you (to see)
me off. My bags are too heavy for me (to carry) them.
21. The papers informed that the President (to elect) at the People’s Deputy
22. You (to have) dinner already? — No, not yet. The waitress (to take) my order
15 minutes ago and (not to bring) me anything yet.
23. I’ll make you (to do) it if you (not to object) to it.
24. All (to be agreed) and (to be understood) between us now, Trot, — said my
aunt, ‘and need (to talk) of this no more’.
25. The (old) brother was twenty years (old) than the youngest.
26. I really don’t want you (to go), Lanny. — I’m sorry, Celia, but I must (to go)…
People, who (to send) me here, (to wait) for me now.
27. Can you (to tell) in by whom and when the telephone (to invent)?
28. I (not to see) anything of James lately. When you (to see) him last? — I (to
meet) him two days ago. He (to change) very much.
29. You (to see) that woman in the corner? She (to have) her dessert now. As
soon as she (to leave) we (to occupy) the table.
30. Would you (to like) me (to give) you another pair of shoes? — Yes, I want
(small) ones. These are too big.
31. I saw the sweet blue eyes of little Emily (to look) at us, and (to hear) her soft
voice (to call) to us to be careful.
32. Look! There are no (child) here. Everybody (to take away).
33. She (to know) that the fishermen (to return) home late and (to leave) them
supper on the kitchen table.
34. How long he (to live) in this city? — I (not to be) sure. Not long. — I hate
people (to tell) lies. You are a friend of (he), you must (to know) it.
35. When she (to get) angry she always (to say) things she really (not to mean) at all.
36. Where you (to hurry)? — I (to be) afraid to miss the train. My friend (to come)
with it.
37. Did you see the woman (to cross) the street with the red light on?

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