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 Прочтите приведенные ниже тексты А-Е и установите их соответствие с заголовками 1-6. Запишите и поле ответа соответствующую цифру,
1. Holidays
2. AnE-mail
3. Friends
4. A Present
5. A City
6. A Book Character
A. In July, when school was over, we went to London to stay with our friends. We had a grea time there. We met a lot of English people and saw lots of places of interest.
B. Moscow is one ofthe most important cities in Russia and ist capital. It stands on the banks of the Moskvn River. Prince YuryDolgorukiy founded it in the 12″ century, Its symbols ane the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral and the Bolshoi Theatre.
C. Kate sperds a lo time reading books. Not long ago she read a book about Harry Potter. Now Kate thinks that Harry is her heo, She knows that he’s brave, modest and unselfish. Kate would like to have a friend like him.
D. Dear Susan, It was nice to get a word from you. I’m glad that now you have a pet. Dogs are very good friends, you know. I’m fine as always, Love, Alice
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