Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct form. Use Present Simple or Present Continuous

1. Where’ Sally? — She … (speak) to Paul. 2. What time … (you/ go) to school? 3. Steve is in the bathroom. — … (he/have) a shower?
4. That villa … (belong) to a rich businessman. 5. She … (like) listening to music. She … (have) a lot of CD’s. 6. You can turn off the television. I … (not/watch) it. 7. I have a motorbike but I … (not/ usually/ride) it to work. 8. … (you/want) to come to Julie’s party with me? 9. Please be quiet. I … (try) to do my homework. 10. Drive carefully. It … (rain). 11. He … (need) to buy a new pair of shoes. 12. Sarah never … (forget) people’s names. 13. The twins … (watch) TV at the moment. 14. Simon usually … (spend) the weekends at home. 15. Why … (you/cry)? Is anything wrong? 16. Tim … (study) hard these days. He wants to pass his exams. 17. How often … (Helen/go) shopping? 18. I’m sorry, but I … (not/remember) your name. 19. Our neighbours … (have) a party and they … (make) a lot of noise. 20. This new perfume … (smell) very nice. 21. Fiona … (stay) with her aunt at present, but she … (want) to move somewhere else soon. 22. I … (think) you’re right. I must get a job soon.

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